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autumn's links to places where you might want to go at some given time.

Anime Web Turnpike.  If you can't find it here, life isn't worth living.
if you can't find it here you're either not looking hard enough, or what you want has yet to come into being.

Pu-sama's art!  What more can I say?

Fear her, the Almight Queen of Swords, or beware her wrath of Funky Fruit!

Now that's silly with the power of an ox!

Calamity Jen's art site of many names.

The only other person I've seen who knows that a group of cute pokémon can K.O. a powerful demon.

Most definately!

What is TK?  Totally Kawaii of course!

Buy your Anti-Bishouned chibi's today!!

The Sea of Chaos!
Eugene's beautiful Slayer's art.

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