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when was dreamscapes launched?
sometime in september of 2001

was it your first page?
yup.  *hugs page*  it's my baby

i notice you have contests.  didn't you have a contest before that was a total flop?
don't make me beat you with dull things.

what were you smoking when you made this?
high on life, baby.  high on life.

did you make this page on trellix?
nope.  Harry Potter made it for me with a wave of his wand.

why did you say that when you know he's not real?
of course he's real!  how do you think the little people in the t.v. get there?

are you saying harry potter created little people to perform in the t.v.?
did I stutter?

um. . .okay. . .where do you live?
i come from the planet irk where i serve as slave to Master Zim.

why do you keep lying like that?
why do you keep telling the truth?

i hate you!  where can i go to burn down your house?
a tiny town in the beautiful county of hickville in kentucky.

i like kentucky!!  i hate you even more now!
if you don't shut up i will be forced to tell you my tornado story again.

not the tornado story!
we were out in the middle of nowhere in a toys r us store. . .

it was raining really hard when we left for the car, so we stoped at the sticker machine. . .

no more!!
. . .and me and my older sister got some ricky martin stickers. . .

i can't take it!!
then we went to the car. . .and the tornado siren went off. . .

*beats head against wall*
stephanie yells "get the f*** out of the car. . .

*beats self with mallet*
so we ran back in the store and they told us. . .

. . .to go to the middle of the. . .hey?  are you okay?

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