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Obey. . .

1.  No lemons or hentai.  I'm almost sixteen and I don't need to have my parents finding that on my webpage.  Not that it's bad. . .but that's not the point!
2.  Though shounen/shoujo-ai are accepted, make sure the story has a plot.
3.  Speaking of that, all stories should have a plot, even if as ridiculous as the slayers at a drive in movie. . .I'd like to see that.
4.  Send a short description as well as a category placing, that way the story will make it up faster.
5.   If it is for a monthly fic challenge, put 'Challenge' and the challenge subject in the e-mail heading.
6.  Man. . .I thought I'd have more rules than that. . .
7.  I guess I'm not as picky as I thought. . .

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