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about dreamscapes

Dreamscapes was launched on September something 2001.

Ano. . .I have no idea what this page is for!

It seemed like a good idea at the time. . .

:: What is Dreamscapes ::

Now, Dreamscapes is a Xelloss fanpage. . .well, more like Slayers now, but it started out as Xelloss.  Meaning, the whole point of this page is for fan art and fanfiction. And toons. . .but mainly fan art and fiction. Get it? FANpage? So, If you wanted to learn about Xelloss, check the links. I might put what I know, and feel free to correct me, because I have only seen a few episodes (about 6) of TRY, I know alot about the main characters, but nothing about the episodes, unless it's the one about Xelloss (and the entire male cast) crossdressing. ^_^

I have a warped mind. . .


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I hope to update at least once a week. That's why this page is on Trellix, so it can easily be updated. BUT, don't hold me to that. . .I'm a forgetful person. . .

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